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Ozzie's video career began in 1990, when his son Alan graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago.  Having taken a number of film courses, he led the way to expand Ozzie Alive into video production.  Their first project was a 20 minute educational video on Edgar Allan Poe's short story, "The Tell-Tale Heart."  This video is available on VHS only, but may be converted to DVD in the future.  Copies of this VHS are available for purchase.  $15.00 + S/H.  Go to the CONTACT OZZIE page for information.

Ozzie at Joshua Tree National Park, CA. (Photo by Janine Johnson)

          Scenes from shooting "Tell-Tale Heart"

Filming Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"
Alan shooting the hanging scene from "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Ozzie spent two years creating his educational video "Canada Geese."  Each year the same pair of geese return to the island on Ozzie's pond in Hegins, PA.  The mother hatches out between two and seven goslings each season.  They spend the summer in and around the pond until they leave in late October or early November.  They spend their winters in warmer weather, perhaps in Maryland or North Carolina.  These are resident geese, which means they do not migrate over long distances.  Targeted for grade levels K-5, "Canada Geese" has received rave reviews from students, teachers, and parents across the country.  Below is a short trailer of this 30 minute profile of two beautiful goslings, who grow rapidly through the summer and learn to fly.  DVD's can be ordered, $15.00 + S/H.  For info go to CONTACT OZZIE page.

Click "Play" for 4 minute trailer.
Complete DVD runs 30 minutes.

Goslings in the nest on day one.
David A. Lucas coming out of the mine.

David A. Lucas
"Coal Miners Picnic"

For the past 28 years David A. Lucas has held a picnic honoring coal miners from the region, past and present, at the Hegins Community Park in Hegins, Pa.  Ozzie volunteered to bring his video camera to interview 8 coal miners at the last picnic.  David's brother, Ricky Lucas, provided video footage of working in the West Point Mine near Mt. Carmel, Pa.  The result is an 80 minute DVD edited by Ozzie.